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“To have luminous skin for life, the light of your beauty must grow from the inside out

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Royal Wellness and Spa

(Royal Wellness and Spa)

We are so excited to share our expereince with Greenager products. These products have emerged from researches to create such great texture without chemicals, no toxins, which make them such unique formulation for a natural skincare routine. At our spa, we combine greenager products in our special treatments and we have incredibile results !

Raquel Rojas

(Actor and content creator)

My skincare routine has dramatically shifted and simplified since I use greenager serums. All i add is a moisturizer and toner and all my skin needs are met. My skin looks youthful and hydrated and I’ve seen great improvement in my hyperpigmentation. My skin is soft and firm and the ingredients are gentle on my sensitive skin. These products have absolutely become a staple in my life and I love raving about them.

Merjem Lumi


The products I used from Greenager have been a miracle. I am satisfied with every element of them. Starting from their beautiful appearance, maximum quality and definitely the ingredients that are of the highest quality. Congratulations on your work and I want to tell you that you are: The best❤️❤️❤️


(Influencer - YouTuber)

This eco-friendly @greenager.ca Brand is developed and formulated by the well known Canadian pharmacist Eriona and their products are HANDMADE with purely natural and organic ingredients only and so these products are extremely good for our skin. They are sustainable, vegan and cruelty free products. I have been using a few products from Greenager since last couple of months and I am in love with my skin more than ever. I love to treat my skin with No chemical products and I love that all Greenager products are natural and organic. Their products leaves my skin visibly smooth and plump.

Vajada Keci

Before i start using the serum made by Eriona, i felt that my skin was missing something. Every cream or serum that i was previously using, didn’t made any improvement in my skin, i felt that they was useless because my wrinkles was increasing day by day and i didnt’ know what to do and what product to use, i felt like i was aging too fast. Then i received the serum made by Eriona.Applying the serum every time felt literally like magic because of the substance formed when i mixed in my hands: the oil and the watered part became very creamy and smooth by mixing them. In the first application, i felt like my skin was starving for whater and the serum feed every single cel of my face, and it was like every celul of my face was blooming and alive agane.

Jola Hasimi

(Creative director and designer)

Greenager /Sweet pit :I’ve got you under my skin ,and I can't be happier to have found you! Being one of the people who had the most trouble finding a good and natural deodorant, I recommend it to everyone!

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