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Sleep Regime - 0 Comments
Sleep Regime

Do you know that some naturopathic doctors will refuse to provide medical advice to  you  about  your health unless you follow their  recommended  sleep regime? It is not because they don’t want to help you, it is because they know the powerful healing property that sleep provides for our body and t...

Love Yourself - 0 Comments
Love Yourself
Love Yourself. Did you know that while you were only 5 days in your mum’s womb and not more than some millimeters in size, the nervous system and skin were attached to each other and coming from the exact same conformation?
Discover the Gold of Your Skin - 0 Comments
Discover the Gold of Your Skin
Hello Beautiful Souls, I am more than glad that you are reading this book and have the opportunity to explore a lot of treasures here that I have discovered through my academic journey as a pharmacist, formulator and holistic nutritionist.
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