Water Bottle 500ml

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Designed to be you “BFF”


“Greenager Water Bottle is designed to be your “BFF”

Water Drop-like designed and Vibrant Teal as ocean- Eye catching to remind you “You need to be hydrated!”

17 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel- Thermal Insulated that you can keep your warm or cold water for longer

Silicone Handle – Portable and easy to have with you wherever you go

Real Wood (hand crafted) and BPA Free- Eco-Friendly, caring for the environment is our commitment

Anti-scratch coating – ensuring the brand-new-look for a long time.

Hand washed

Grab your Greenager BFF, drink water quietly and consciously and we promise that water will taste different….

13 reviews for Water Bottle 500ml

  1. Albana Paci

    I have tried so many water bottles (WB) but never found the right one. In any case after using my WB just for a couple of days, I always would find myself looking for a new one. Now I am using the Greenager WB and so far is the best I’ve had. When in front of the computer working, I get completely lost and forget to stay hydrated. The Greeneager WB has a nice shape and looks so beautiful on your table. It comes naturally to drink water and stay hydrated looking at it.

  2. Avs

    This water bottle is fantastic! It doesn’t ruin the flavour of the water. It makes you feel that you are drinking water straight from the waterfall! This is what you need!

  3. Jurida

    The best ever .Beautiful design,i love it 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Marcela

    Been using the Greenager water bottel for 3 months now. Usually I don’t like carrying the bottles with me. But the Greenager water bottle is so easy to be carried with you. Amazing design and the water flavor doesn’t change at all. Fully recommend it.

  5. Egla

    Thank you Greenager for this wonderful WB.The most useful I’ve ever have! The water remains fresh for all the day and the design is so nice&comfortable.I totally recommend it!

  6. Felicia

    This is a high quality water bottle and the design really makes it stand out. I love it!

  7. Ela

    Attractive and practical design. A good companion to making Hydratation a habit

  8. Isra

    Looove it! Designed in detail and one of my favorite daily essentials.

  9. Arsela

    I love this bottle. I keep a bottle of water with me always. The GREENAGER bottle gives me a stylish and innovative way to keep myself hydrated.

  10. Medina

    It’s amazing and easy to carry. It’s everything I thought it would be.Great for travel and work.

  11. Paola

    I have tried a lot of water bottles but nothing compares to this one. It looks and feels luxurious. Thanks to its narrow mouth, this water bottle helps get water into the mouth without splashing liquid around. Shaped like a water drop, it encourages me to drink plenty of water during the day. It keeps water cold for a long time. Very easy to clean with just a usual bottle brush. Happy with my purchase.

    • 2rmhosting

      Nice to hear that, thank you!

  12. Ermira

    I love it so much and it’s my best friend !

    • 2rmhosting

      Thank you dear Ermira!

  13. Manjola Murtini

    J’ adore cette bouteille! TRES facile à l’ entretenir. Elle garde l’eau froide pendant des heures. Toute la famille l’a achetée chez nous ( maman, papa et garçon de 11 ans). Merci Greenager pour ce coup de coeur. 🥰

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